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How Aerosmith Came to Ribbons on the Road

aerosmithWhile Aerosmith was rehearsing the Just Push Play tour in 2001, they were looking for a way to replicate their studio guitar sounds (recorded with their new R-121's) and control on-stage microphone bleed. An engineer suggested trying R-121's - they were studio ribbons but they were tough, the figure-8 patterns would control the bleed, and Joe Perry already liked the sound. It was the first time Royers had been tried live (that we know of). The rehearsal tests went great and Aerosmith ended up taking six R-121's on the road for the tour (five for cabinets and one for standby).

Those six R-121's stayed on Joe's and Brad's live guitar cabinets until 2009, when FOH engineer Jim Ebdon replaced them with R-121 Live Series mics. They had only stretched one R-121 ribbon in eight years, but Jim opted for the extra durability.