Recording the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square & Millennial Choirs and Orchestras with Royer

Jason Graham, Recording and Broadcast Engineer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, explains how he uses ribbon mics when recording The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square (formerly Mormon Tabernacle Choir) and also The Millennial Choirs and Orchestras. Preamplifier and placement information is included in the video. The songs featured in the video […]

Maja And David – Fiddles & Foot Percussion

Maja & David – Fiddles & Foot Percussion Fiddles both miked with SF-2 ribbon microphones. Foot percussion – Mojave Audio MA-100 microphones Signal Chain: All mics to Universal Audio 8p’s using Neve 1073 mic pre plug-ins. A/D conversion done in the 8p. Recorded to Pro Tools. Recorded in a Kansas City hotel room during Folk Alliance. […]


Recorded live at the Folk Alliance Convention, in the Sweetwater/Royer/Mojave Pop-Up Studio Stereo Room Mic – SF-24 Cello – SF-2 Violin & Violinist Vocal – SF-2 Acoustic Guitar (left, into small guitar amplifier) – R-122V Foot Taps – Mojave Audio MA-100’s Acoustic guitar (right) – Mojave MA-300 Vocals – Mojave Audio MA-1000, MA-300, MA-301 Darlingside […]

Camellia City Flute Choir

Flute Ensemble – one SF-24V and four SF-2’s Produced, engineered and mixed by Frank Bevans. Video by Frank Bevans Recorded at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, CA for the Music at Noon Series. Recording Chain: One SF-24V (over the conductor’s shoulder) and four SF-2’s (one at each corner of the stage). SF-24V into a Millennia HV-3C […]

Rachel Barton Pine

Solo Violin – two SF-2’s Producer: Steven Epstein, Engineer: Bill Maylone Recorded at St. Paul’s United Church Of Christ, Chicago IL Scroll down for video with comments from the producer, engineer and artist. In this exceptional solo violin performance, Rachel Barton Pine plays a Guarneri del Gesù in St. Paul’s church, Chicago, IL. Recording chain:  Two […]

Fab Dupont / Will Knox

Acoustic Guitar – SF-1 Violin – R-121 Banjo – SF-2 Standup Bass – R-122 Drum Overhead – SF-24 Drums, Tom-Toms – R-122 Drums, Kick – R-122V Drums, Hi-Hat – R-121 Producer: Fab Dupont.  Engineer: Meredith McCandless When our friend Fab Dupont set out to record singer/songwriter Will Knox’s album “The Matador And The Acrobat” with engineer Meredith McCandless, they […]

Robert Friedrich on Recording The San Diego Symphony

Pianos (dual) – R-122V, R-122 Woodwinds – SF-2 Strings – SF-2 Hall Ambience – SF-24 Recording Engineer: Robert Friedrich Producer: Erica Brenner In this video, Grammy-winning engineer Robert Friedrich talks about using ribbon microphones extensively while recording the San Diego Symphony playing “The Carnival Of The Animals.” Of particular interest is his microphone technique on […]

Brian Setzer Live

Electric Guitar – R-121 Bass Amplifier – R-122 Drum Overhead – SF-24 FOH and Live Recording Engineer: Jimbo Neal In this video, Jimbo Neal explains how he uses ribbons for sound reinforcement and recording Brian Setzer’s live performances.

Lukas Rossi and Kenny Aronoff

Drum Overhead – SF-24 Drum Rooms – SF-24, R-122V, R-122 Electric Guitar – R-121 Recorded by Ross Hogarth Recorded at Sweetwater Studios, Ft. Wayne IN Grammy winning Producer/Engineer Ross Hogarth gives a seminar on his techniques for recording drums and electric guitars with ribbon mics, showing mic placements and letting us hear mixed and isolated […]

Kevin Shepard – Drum Tracks

Kick Drum –  R-121 Drum Overhead – SF-12 Comparison Tracks Engineer: Roger Summers Recorded at Royaltone Studios, Burbank, CA Session drummer Kevin Shepard playing a Gretsch kit in a large iso booth. Recording chain: all mics through Neve console preamps, recorded directly to DAT.   1. Kick Drum/Room – one R-121 three feet from the […]