Sonny Landreth – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Live Electric Guitar – R-121

Engineer: Tony Daigle
Recorded live at Grant Street Dancehall, Lafayette LA.

Recording notes: Neve, UREI, API, Manley, Amek and PreSonus preamps. Recorded to Otari RADAR system with Nyquist converters.

Special thanks to Dave Klausner for getting us this track.

“Wind In Denver” (Sonny Landreth)

a) Live club mix


b) R-121 (close miked) & KM185 (at 3 ft) on a Dumble Overdrive Special amp


c) The R-121 in “b” alone


d) The KM185 in “b” alone


e) R-121 & 421 (both close miked) on Matchless DC30 amp


f) All four microphones combined (R-121 & KM185 on Dumble and R-121 & 421 on Matchless)




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