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Pat Kelley In The Moment

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LA session guitarist Pat Kelley recorded his jazz CD "In The Moment" in his home using nothing but Royer mics; R-121's, an SF-12 stereo ribbon, an SF-1 ribbon, and a prototype Royer SF-1A mono tube ribbon on sax. See photos and hear tracks of this home brewed session.

Guitar: Pat Kelley
Sax: Andy Suzuki
Hammond B3 organ: Rob Whitlock
Bass: Ernest Tibbs
Drums: John Ferraro

Recording System: MOTU 1296 processor A/D converter (24 bit, 88200 Hz) - recording into MOTU Digital Performer DP3 using dual gig power Mac G4 computer.


Audio Samples

audioMother and Daughter - Solo guitar piece (photo)
audioRapid Transit - Guitar solo (photo)
audio Walking With Grace - Organ covering the bass part (photo)
audioYou Or No One - Drum solo (photo)

Session Photos

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