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Sonny Landreth Lafayette Louisiana's Grant Street Dancehall

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In 2005, master slide guitarist Sonny Landreth ( performed live at Lafayette Louisiana's Grant Street Dancehall. Sonny's long time recording engineer, Grammy winning Tony Daigle, recorded the shows and the recordings were released as a live CD named Grant Street.

Our friend David Klausner, who provided a pair of R-121's for Sonny's guitar cabinets, sent us a copy of the CD and it blew us away - Sonny's guitar tone is unbelievable. Don't miss the three audio samples included here - play them through your monitors or a great set of headphones and listen to the complexity of Sonny's guitar sound. Tone like this would be impossible to capture without the magic of ribbons on guitar cabs!

Guitar Player's Jude Gold said, "on all of the tracks, it seems like a glorious, all-engulfing white light pours divinely from Landreth's amps... listening to Landreth's full-spectrum tones, it's almost as if the Louisiana slide superhero has somehow stolen a slice of a star and has brought it on stage with him. It's like his Stratocaster is plugged into the sun."

Sonny used a dual amplifier setup; a Matchless DC30 and Dumble Overdrive Special, each mated to a Fender 2x12 cabinet. The Matchless cab was close miked with a Royer R121 and a Sennheiser MD421. The Dumble cab (housed backstage in an old walk-in freezer to keep the stage volume reasonable) was close miked with a Royer R121 and also had a Neumann KM185 at a distance of about 3 feet.

Audio Samples

audioWind In Denver - Grant Street

audioPedal to Metal - Grant Street

audioCongo Square - Grant Street

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