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inside the mix

Inside the Mix gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how engineers around the world are using ribbon microphones. Thanks to the generosity of a number of engineers and producers who graciously accessed their master recordings, you'll hear 20 mixed songs, followed by the isolated Royer-recorded tracks that went into them.

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Royer Demo CD #1


In this CD, you can hear for yourself how Royer ribbons are used on a wide variety of instruments and vocalists. You will also hear a couple of examples of Coles and AEA ribbon microphones. A number of the tracks were recorded by well known engineers, while others were recorded by friends in local studios. The examples range from heavy rock & pop to jazz and classical, big drums and guitars to classical harp and piano, Grammy winning productions to home brewed recordings.

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1 Introduction
2 Electric Guitar - Jazz
3 Electric Guitar - Pop
4 Electric Guitar - Blues
5 Electric Guitar - Hard Rock
6 Electric Guitar - Isolated
7 Acoustic Guitar
8 Drums - Isolated
9 Drums - In The Mix
10 Percussion
11 Vocals
12 Choir
13 Brass and Reed
14 Orchestra
15 Harp
16 Strings
17 Piano
18 B-3
19 Pipe Organ
20 Saxophone - Mic Comparisons
21 Trumpet - Mic Comparisons
22 Acoustic Guitar - Mic Comparisons
23 Electric Guitar - Mic Comparisons
24 Drums - Mic Comparisons


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