Multiple Miking

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Some engineers like using multiple microphones when they track acoustic guitar. Blending microphones with different sonic personalities is an alternative to eq’ing – rather than tweaking frequencies, you simply choose from the different sounds available to you through the mics you’ve chosen. You can blend the tracks as you record, or record the mics to

Miking Up

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A mono R-122 usually sounds best when it’s positioned at about the 12th fret, 5 to 10 inches off the neck. The back side of the R-122 produces a slightly brighter sound than the front side of the mic due to its offset ribbon design, so we recommend turning the mic around and trying the

Introduction to Recording Acoustic Guitar

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In this section, we’ll focus on mic choices and basic mic placement for recording the acoustic guitar. These mics in these positions have been proven on countless sessions around the world, so they’re a great starting place for anyone tracking the acoustic guitar. A good ribbon mic (or a pair of ribbons for recording in