Various Set-ups

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Here’s another shot from the Henry Mancini Orchestra session showing an R-122 as a spot mic on the sax soloist.     In this photo from the same concert, an R-122 was used to capture the solo violinist. The gold SF-24 stereo ribbon microphone to the right of the violinist was used for choir pickup

Ukrainian Radio Television Orchestra

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Audio Clip Ukrainian Radio Television Orchestra This outstanding audio clip was provided by Russell Dawkins, who used one SF-12 to record the Ukrainian Radio Television Orchestra (sorry, we have no pictures of the recording). The recording chain was: one SF-12, 35 feet Monster cable, Studio Technologies mic pre, 6 feet Monster cable, Apogee A/D converter,

Introduction to Recording Orchestra

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Engineers use a wide variety of techniques when recording orchestras or small ensembles, from simply placing one stereo microphone just above and behind the conductor’s head to using several spot mics for each instrument section in conjunction with one to several ambient microphones. In this section we’ll look at sessions where Royers were used to