Gordon Goodwin – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Brass – R-121, SF-24
Trumpet – R-121
Trombone – R-121

Recorded and mixed by Tommy Vicari
Recorded at Bill Schnee Studios, North Hollywood, CA.

Recording chain: All Royer mics through Millennia HV-3D preamps. SF-24 room mic through HV-3D preamp to GML EQ with 3 dB boost at 10K. Recorded to Pro Tools HD.

“Backrow Politics” (Gordon Goodwin) – Full mix from two sections of the same song, with isolated tracks 

a) Full Mix


b) Isolated Trumpet solo: R-121 on soloist.


c) Full Mix 2.


d) Isolated Brass & Sax Section: Eight R-121’s on trumpets & trombones, with SF-24 room mic.


e) Isolated Brass & Sax Section: SF-24 room mic alone.

Allen Toussaint – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Piano – SF-24
Upright Bass – R-122V

Recorded and mixed by Kevin Killen. Producer, Joe Henry.
Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York, NY.

Recording Chain:
Piano – SF-24 positioned at the edge of the piano lid, center of the piano. SF-24 into Neve 8088 console preamps. 1 dB boost at 16K using Millennia NSEQ-2 stereo equalizer in tube setting. Recorded to ProTools.
Upright Bass – R-122V into Neve 8088 console preamp. 1/2 dB boost at 12K using a Pultec EQP-1A, and 1 dB compression. Recorded to ProTools.

“That’s My Home” (Sydney Robin)

a) Full Mix


b) Isolated Piano: SF-24 on piano


c) Isolated Upright Bass: R-122V on upright bass

Holly Cole – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Piano – SF-24
Acoustic Guitar – R-122

Recorded and Mixed by George Seara
Recorded at Phase One Studios, Toronto, Canada.
Record Label: Alert Music / Koch.

Recording chain & notes: See below

“Waters of March” (Jobim)
a) Full Mix

b) Piano: Isolated SF-24 at the curve of the piano pointed towards the middle.
Two U-87s (not heard in this isolated SF-24 track) were positioned close to the piano strings, spaced low and high over the strings. The final mix blend was 70% SF-24, 30% U-87.
Recording chain: SF-24 to API 212L mic preamps into Apogee AD16 A/D converter.

c) Acoustic Guitar: Isolated R-122 on the guitar neck.
A Calrec 1050C (not heard in this isolated acoustic guitar track) was also used on the body of the guitar, blended slightly.
Recording chain: DW Fearn VT-2 mic preamps into UA 2192 A/D converter.


Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder – Full Mixes and Isolated Tracks

Mandolin – SF-24 (one side of microphone only), R-122V
Fiddle – R-122V

1) “The Bridge of Cally” (Jamie Laval)

Engineer: Jay Manneschmidt

Instruments recorded live, within 6 ft of each other, with separation achieved by using microphone’s null points.

Recording chain: SF-24 and R-122V through Gordon preamps, into Lavry Gold A/D converters and recorded into Sequoia/Samplitude at 88.2 KHz. No EQ used.

1 a) Full Mix



1 b) Mandolin
Mandolin: SF-24 (only one side used, for a mono recording) twelve inches from mandolin, pointed at the 12th fret.



Violin: R-122V twenty-two inches away from violin, slightly above the strings and 45 degrees left of center from the “F” holes.



2) “Levantine’s Spinning Barrel” (Laval, Broder)

Engineer: Peter Cutler.

Recorded during live broadcast on the Los Angeles radio show FolkScene.

Mandolin & Fiddle: Two R-122V’s; one in front of the mandolin (pointing at neck/body joint) and one above the fiddle. The null points of each mic were positioned to reject bleed, giving each instrument isolation from the other while being played in close proximity. (See photos)




Devotchka – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Violin – R-122V
Strings – R-122V

Recorded and mixed by Craig Schumacher
Recorded at Wavelab, Tucson, AZ.

Recording chain: R-122V’s into True Systems preamps. no compression or EQ. Recorded to Pro Tools.

“Transliterator” (Devotchka, Urata)

a) Full Mix



b) Isolated Violin: Stereo pair of R-122V’s over a violin



c) Isolated String Section: Stereo pair of R-122V’s over a string section.

Calexico – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Acoustic Guitar – R-122V
Cello – R-122V

Recorded and mixed by Craig Schumacher
Recorded at Wavelab Studio, Tucson, AZ.

Recording chain: all mics to True Systems preamps. Recorded to Pro Tools.

“Falling From Sleeves” (Burns, Convertino)

a) Full Mix


b) Acoustic Guitar: R-122V aimed where the acoustic guitar neck joins the body. Rotated slightly so the null point was pointed at the sound hole to cut down on bass.


c) Cello: R-122V looking down at the cello’s F hole above the bridge, 10 inches away.

Sonny Landreth – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Live Electric Guitar – R-121

Engineer: Tony Daigle
Recorded live at Grant Street Dancehall, Lafayette LA.

Recording notes: Neve, UREI, API, Manley, Amek and PreSonus preamps. Recorded to Otari RADAR system with Nyquist converters.

Special thanks to Dave Klausner for getting us this track.

“Wind In Denver” (Sonny Landreth)

a) Live club mix


b) R-121 (close miked) & KM185 (at 3 ft) on a Dumble Overdrive Special amp


c) The R-121 in “b” alone


d) The KM185 in “b” alone


e) R-121 & 421 (both close miked) on Matchless DC30 amp


f) All four microphones combined (R-121 & KM185 on Dumble and R-121 & 421 on Matchless)




Kings X – Full Mixes and Isolated Tracks

Electric Guitar – R-121
Drums Overheads – SF-12

Produced, engineered & mixed by Michel Wagener.
Recorded at Wireworld Studio, Nashville, TN.

Recording chain: All R-121s into Chandler TG2, TG Channel, and Germanium preamps. All preamps mixed to one bus, to Crane Song HEDD, to Euphonix AM713 A/D converter. Recorded to Steinberg Nuendo.

1) “Free” (Kings X)

a) Full Mix


b) Electric Guitar: two R-121’s on a Randall 4-12 stereo guitar cabinet. (See photos)


c) Electric Guitar: two R-121’s on a Randall 4-12 stereo guitar cabinet and an R-121 three inches from a Randall RM-20 small combo amp. (See photos)


2) “I Don’t Know” (Kings X)
Two R-121’s on a Randall 4-12 stereo guitar cabinet. (See photos)


3) “Move” (Kings X)
Two R-121’s on a Randall 4-12 stereo guitar cabinet and an 121 three inches from a Randall RM-20 small combo amp. (See photos)



Coal Chamber – Full Mixes and Isolated Tracks

Electric Guitar – R-121
Drum Rooms – R-121

Produced, engineered and mixed by Ross Hogarth.
Recorded at Rumbo Recorders, Canoga Park, CA.

All tracks recorded to ProTools at 48K.

1) “Rowboat” (Casey, Daniels, French)

a) Full Mix


b) Electric Guitars: R-121, SM-57 and 421 clustered on one 4X12 cabinet speaker.
Recording chain: R-121 to V72 Telefunken tube pre, SM-57 and 421 to Trident console preamps.


c) Drum rooms: R-121 & Coles 4038 blended. Coles 2 ft back from kit, 121 five ft back from kit.
Recording chain: R-121 and 4038 to Trident console preamps, to Chandler EMI compressor. Recorded to ProTools at 48K.





Keith Urban – Partial Live Mix and Isolated Drums

Drums, Live – SF-24

FOH Engineer: Steve Law   Monitor Engineer: Jason Spence
Recorded live at the Gwinnett Center, Gwinnett, GA

Drummer: Chris McHugh.

“I Told You So” (Keith Urban)

a) Partial live mix showcasing drums


b) Isolated Drum Overhead: SF-24 over kit, to Yamaha PM1D to Pro Tools. Clocked using Apogee Big Ben @ 48K.