Keith Urban – Partial Live Mix and Isolated Drums

Drums, Live – SF-24

FOH Engineer: Steve Law   Monitor Engineer: Jason Spence
Recorded live at the Gwinnett Center, Gwinnett, GA

Drummer: Chris McHugh.

“I Told You So” (Keith Urban)

a) Partial live mix showcasing drums


b) Isolated Drum Overhead: SF-24 over kit, to Yamaha PM1D to Pro Tools. Clocked using Apogee Big Ben @ 48K.




Melissa Etheridge – Full Mix & Isolated Tracks

Electric Guitar – R-121
Drums Room – R-121

Produced, recorded and mixed by Ross Hogarth
Recorded at NRG Studios, North Hollywood, CA.

Recording chain: All R-121’s into Neve 1073 preamps. Drum room R-121 compressed with Chandler EMI.

“Mercy” (Etheridge, Taylor)

 a) Full Mix


b) Electric Guitars: one guitar miked with an R-121 and SM-57 blended. The wah-wha guitar is miked with an R-121 on a single 1-12 cabinet.


c) Mono Drum Room: R-121 five ft in front of kit, 3 1/2 ft high.


Stephen Bruton – Full Mixes and Isolated Tracks

1) “Bigger Wheel”
Drums – R-121
Resonator Guitar – R-122
Harmonica – R-121

2) “Treasured Wounds”
B3 – SF-24
Electric Guitar – R-121

Recorded and mixed by Ross Hogarth. Produced by Ross Hogarth and Stephen Bruton.
Recorded at Mad Dog Studios, Burbank, CA

1) “Bigger Wheel”  (Anderson, Bruton)

Recording chain: All mics through Neve 8088 board preamps. Recorded to Pro Tools HD.

1a) Full Mix


1b) Mono Drum room: R-121 five ft in front of kit, 3 1/2 ft high, compressed with Chandler EMI.


1c) Resonator guitar: R-122 in front, with a U-67 over the shoulder.


1d) Harmonica: Shure Green Bullet mic on harmonica to tweed Vibrolux. R-121 on Vibrolux amp.



2) “Treasured Wounds” (Barber, Bruton)
B3 – SF-24
Electric Guitar – R-121

Recording chain: SF-24 to Great River MP-2NV preamp. R-121 to Neve 8088 board pre to 1176 compressor. Recorded to Pro Tools HD.

2a) Full Mix


2b) B-3: SF-24 two ft in front of Leslie. (See photos)


2c) Electric Guitar: R-121 on tweed Vibrolux.