String Quartet – Microphone Comparisons

Strings – SF-24, R-122, R-122V
Microphone Comparisons – SF-24, R-122, R-122V, Schoeps CMC6-U small diaphragm condensers.

Engineer: Ron Searles
Recorded at CBC Studios, Toronto, Canada

During an AES event in Toronto Canada, a cluster of microphones was set up over a string quartet for listening and making comparisons. The cluster included one SF-24, two R-122’s, two R-122V’s, and two Schoeps CMC6-U’s (set for omni), 6 ft high and 8 ft back from a string quartet.

Recording Chain: All mics fed into Universal Audio 8110 preamps. Recorded flat with no EQ or compression to ProTools at 96K.

Special thanks to Dave Dysart, HHB Canada for arranging the event.

a) Single SF-24


b) Pair of R-122’s


c) Pair of R-122V’s


d) Pair of Schoeps CMC6-U’s

Brian Setzer – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Electric Guitar – R-121
Drum Overheads – R-122

Produced by Dave Darling. Engineered by John Holbrook.
Band recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles CA.
Guitars and vocals recorded at Flowers Studio, Minneapolis MN.

Recording chain:
Guitar recording notes, see below.
Drum Overheads – two R-122’s into Martech preamps. Recorded to Pro Tools.

“Honey Man” (Adaptation of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)

a) Full Mix


b) Rhythm “thump” guitar: Gretch 6120, 59 Bassman amp. One R-121, 2 1/2  ft in front of the amp.
Recording chain: R-121 into Neve 1066 mic preamp.


c) Guitar solo: Gretch 6120, Supro amp. R-121 8 inches back and centered on the speaker, and SM57 off axis, on the grill, 2 inches from cone center.
Recording chain: R-121 & SM57 into Neve 1066 mic preamps (SM57 fed into an 1176 limiter after the pre).