Brian Setzer – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Electric Guitar – R-121
Drum Overheads – R-122

Produced by Dave Darling. Engineered by John Holbrook.
Band recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles CA.
Guitars and vocals recorded at Flowers Studio, Minneapolis MN.

Recording chain:
Guitar recording notes, see below.
Drum Overheads – two R-122’s into Martech preamps. Recorded to Pro Tools.

“Honey Man” (Adaptation of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)

a) Full Mix


b) Rhythm “thump” guitar: Gretch 6120, 59 Bassman amp. One R-121, 2 1/2  ft in front of the amp.
Recording chain: R-121 into Neve 1066 mic preamp.


c) Guitar solo: Gretch 6120, Supro amp. R-121 8 inches back and centered on the speaker, and SM57 off axis, on the grill, 2 inches from cone center.
Recording chain: R-121 & SM57 into Neve 1066 mic preamps (SM57 fed into an 1176 limiter after the pre).