Pedal Steel Guitar – R-121
Orchestra – R-121

Recorded and mixed by Michael O’Reilly. Producer – Arif Mardin.
Recorded at Right Track Recording – New York, NY.
From the Atlantic RecordingCorporation release “Jewel – Joy: A Holiday Collection”.

1) “Winter Wonderland” (©1934 Dick Smith & Felix Bernard)
R-121’s on pedal steel guitar and orchestra.


2) “Hands” – Christmas version (Jewel Kilcher, Patrick Leonard, ©1998)
Orchestra in a horseshoe shape with the woodwinds behind, recorded with a pair of R-121’s in Bloomlein configuration. “A “tiny bit” of one U-67 was blended in on the orchestra.

Diana Krall

Electric Guitar, Jazz – R-121

Recorded and mixed by Al Schmitt. Producer, Tommy LiPuma.
Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York, NY.
From the GRP Records Inc. “Verve” release “Diana Krall – When I Look In Your Eyes”.

Note: Al Schmitt won a Best Engineered Album Grammy for this record.

R-121 on jazz electric guitar.

a) “Popsicle Toes” (Michael Franks)


b) “Let’s Fall In Love” (Ted Koehler)

Anthony Marinelli

Strings – SF-24
Strings – R-122

Recorded, co-produced and mixed by Clint Bennett. Co-produced by Anthony Marinelli.
Recorded at Studio Smecky, Prague.

From the film The Human Contract

String Section: SF-24 (main mic) and two R-122’s (supporting mics) on strings.

Recording chain: All micas to Amek Media 51 console preamps, to Apogee conversion @ 48k. Recorded to Pro Tools HD.

“Julian & Rita” (Anthony Marinelli & The Graves Brothers)

Poulenc Flute Sonata 1st Movement

Piano – SF-24
Flute – SF-24

Engineer: Tony Faulkner. Producer: Jeremy Hayes.
Recorded in Potton Hall, Westleton, Suffolk, England.

Recording chain: Recorded on a SADiE LRX system using SADiE LXR preamps.

Piano & Flute: SF-24 main microphone. Subsidiary microphones: Rode NT-6 omnidirectionals flanking the SF-24 on stereo bar. Spacing between Rodes, 66cms.

Flute: Guy Eshed
Piano: Tim Horton

“Poulenc Flute Sonata 1st Movement” (Francis Poulenc)

Arturo Sandoval’s “Trumpet Evolution”

Brass – R-121, R-122, SF-12
Trumpet – R-121, R-122
Trombone – R-121
Drum Overhead – SF-12
Room Mic – SF-12

Engineer: Al Schmitt, Producer: Gary Grant
Recorded at Capitol Studios (Studio A), Hollywood, CA.

Recording chain: All mics routed through an assortment of Mastering Lab, Neve and Studer tube mic preamps. Recorded to Pro Tools

One R-122 on Arturo Sandoval’s solo trumpet
Four R-121’s on the trumpets
Four R-121’s on the trombones
SF-12 overall big band room mic
SF-12 drum overhead

1) “Manteca” (Dizzy Gillespie, Fuller, O’Farrill, Pozo)


2) “Concerto for Cootie” (Duke Ellington)


3) “My Funny Valentine” (Hart, Rodgers)


Rascal Flatts

Electric Guitar – R-121

Recorded and mixed by Justin Niebank. Produced by Dan Huff.
Recorded at Blackbird Studios, Studio A.

Recording chain: Mics into Neve 8078 console preamps (31105). Recorded to Pro Tools HD at 24/48.

Electric Guitar: R-121 & SM57 on electric guitars, close miked.

“Life is a Highway” (Tom Cochrane)

Allen Toussaint – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Piano – SF-24
Upright Bass – R-122V

Recorded and mixed by Kevin Killen. Producer, Joe Henry.
Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York, NY.

Recording Chain:
Piano – SF-24 positioned at the edge of the piano lid, center of the piano. SF-24 into Neve 8088 console preamps. 1 dB boost at 16K using Millennia NSEQ-2 stereo equalizer in tube setting. Recorded to ProTools.
Upright Bass – R-122V into Neve 8088 console preamp. 1/2 dB boost at 12K using a Pultec EQP-1A, and 1 dB compression. Recorded to ProTools.

“That’s My Home” (Sydney Robin)

a) Full Mix


b) Isolated Piano: SF-24 on piano


c) Isolated Upright Bass: R-122V on upright bass

Melissa Etheridge – Full Mix & Isolated Tracks

Electric Guitar – R-121
Drums Room – R-121

Produced, recorded and mixed by Ross Hogarth
Recorded at NRG Studios, North Hollywood, CA.

Recording chain: All R-121’s into Neve 1073 preamps. Drum room R-121 compressed with Chandler EMI.

“Mercy” (Etheridge, Taylor)

 a) Full Mix


b) Electric Guitars: one guitar miked with an R-121 and SM-57 blended. The wah-wha guitar is miked with an R-121 on a single 1-12 cabinet.


c) Mono Drum Room: R-121 five ft in front of kit, 3 1/2 ft high.


Jim Lauderdale – Full Mix & Isolated Tracks

Dobro – R-121

Produced, recorded and mixed by Randy Kohrs
Recorded at Slack Key Studio, Nashville TN.

Recording chain: R-121 and Mojave Audio MA-200 through V-72 Telefunken preamps, high passed at 128 (no other eq). Mild 2 to 1 compression with Kjaerhus Gold compressor.  Recorded to Nuendo 3.

“This Is the Last Time (I’m Ever Going to Hurt)” (Blackmon, Lauderdale)

a) Full Mix


b) Isolated Dobro: miked with backward R-121 left position and Mojave Audio MA-200 right position, 8 inches from the guitar for depth.


c) Full Mix, Section 2:


d) Isolated Dobro: miked with backward R-121 left position and Mojave Audio MA-200 right position, 8 inches from the guitar for depth.

Brian Setzer – Full Mix and Isolated Tracks

Electric Guitar – R-121
Drum Overheads – R-122

Produced by Dave Darling. Engineered by John Holbrook.
Band recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles CA.
Guitars and vocals recorded at Flowers Studio, Minneapolis MN.

Recording chain:
Guitar recording notes, see below.
Drum Overheads – two R-122’s into Martech preamps. Recorded to Pro Tools.

“Honey Man” (Adaptation of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)

a) Full Mix


b) Rhythm “thump” guitar: Gretch 6120, 59 Bassman amp. One R-121, 2 1/2  ft in front of the amp.
Recording chain: R-121 into Neve 1066 mic preamp.


c) Guitar solo: Gretch 6120, Supro amp. R-121 8 inches back and centered on the speaker, and SM57 off axis, on the grill, 2 inches from cone center.
Recording chain: R-121 & SM57 into Neve 1066 mic preamps (SM57 fed into an 1176 limiter after the pre).