140-NM Replacement Magnet Assembly for EMT 140 Reverb Plates

The 140-NM is a drop-in replacement for missing or weak EMT magnet assemblies. Increased flux density, lower distortion, greater drive coil responsiveness

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I’ve always loved EMT 140 plates. I used them in the 80s during my recording engineer days and I keep two of them in my home studio, Shabby Road (yes, I’m a huge Beatles fan).

When 140 magnet assemblies fail or are separated from the plate and lost, finding replacement parts is extremely difficult. My last 140 plate reverb was advertised as complete but arrived at my place without the magnet assembly. After getting over the disappointment, I decided to take a crack at designing my own magnet assembly and co-partnered with Advanced Theoretical Concepts. It turned out to be a nice improvement over the original! After doing a few sessions with my now-favorite-ever EMT 140 plate, I decided to build more of the magnet assemblies and make them available to my fellow EMT fanboys.

The 140-NM is a drop-in replacement for missing or weak EMT magnet assemblies. It is precision manufactured using six neodymium magnets arranged in a ‘turret’ fashion. This design gives greater flux density (magnetic energy) for enhanced performance of any EMT plate, lowering distortion and making the drive coil more responsive.

The 140-NM package comes with an acrylic centering disc, mounting hardware, and a comprehensive set of instructions. I’ve also written up some user tips, based on my years of EMT use and knowing what to expect from upgrading the magnet assembly.

The 140-NM is the first Royer Custom Shop product. We’ll see what else we come up with!

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-Rick Perrotta

Download assembly instructions