Handcrafted Performance-Grade Auto-Silencing Guitar Cables


Heavy duty Canare cable for durability and great tone, auto-muting cable ends for no squealing or pops.

RPC-10 – 10 foot length – $50.00

RPC-18 – 18 foot length – $60.00

Free shipping within the USA. For international inquiries please contact Royer Labs at 1-818-847-0121 or email rick@royerlabs.com.

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Years before I co-founded Royer Labs or Matchless Amplifiers, I was a studio owner, engineer and guitarist (I still play). As an engineer, I dealt with many electric guitarists plugging in or unplugging and nearly throwing the control room monitors out of their soffits. Plugging or unplugging a loud guitar can create powerful pops that recording engineers hate and that can be very harmful to guitar speakers and microphones; especially vintage ribbon microphones.

I also experienced my share of dead, intermittent and microphonic guitar cables. So…

I started building high-quality auto-silencing cables to solve these problems, using Canare cable because it’s so durable and well-shielded and sounds great. When you unplug one of my auto-silencing cables, the cable instantly mutes and is dead quiet. No pops, no squeals, no noise, no unhappy engineers or bandmates.

I’ve built a lot of these for my guitar buddies, so when the idea of Royer’s custom shop came up, I thought it would be cool to offer these great cables to everyone. If you’re an electric guitarist and you’re not playing wirelessly, check one of these bad boys out!

-Rick Perrotta

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