Royer Labs has expanded our repair facility to include servicing RCA and other non-Royer ribbon microphones. We have done several private repairs over the years and we are proud to finally offer broader microphone servicing to the public.

All microphones are worked on in Royer’s shop by expert craftsmen. RCA re-ribbons are completed with original RCA ribbon material corrugated through factory RCA corrugators. Or if desired, we’ll treat the ribbon element with our patented direct-corrugation process, giving the ribbon element greater flexibility and durability.

Mics we are commonly asked to service are RCA types 44, DX77, KU3, MI-6203 Varacoustic. We will service other ribbon microphone brands upon request.

Microphone repairs are dependent on condition and parts availability. Contact Rick Perrotta or Tony Ruiz at (818) 847-0121 or fill out the form below for more information.