R-121 & Sling-Shock

The R-121 ribbon microphone is at its best in a good shock mount. We highly recommend using our patented Sling-Shock, the best shock mount available for Royer ribbon mics. Because R-121 owners pick up Sling-Shocks so often, we created this bundle to help you save when you pick them both up at once.

R-10 & dBooster

Pairing an R-10 ribbon microphone with a Royer dBooster in-line signal booster makes the R-10 considerably more versatile in the studio and onstage – giving it all the level you need to record acoustic guitars and ukuleles and any other low-SPL sound source. Purchase them together in this bundle and save.

Matched Pair of R-10s with a Two-Channel dBooster2

A matched pair of R-10s with a dBooster2 two-channel in-line signal booster and DI offers unlimited recording possibilities, from high SPL heavy guitars and close-up brass to acoustic instruments, vocals and room miking.