The New AxeMount Dual Microphone Clip

Available September 3rd.

Capturing great electric guitar sounds just got easier!

The R-121/57-styled dynamic mic combo is legendary for capturing electric guitars. With the AxeMount, using these two classic mics has never been easier, faster to set up, or more stable once set up. You can also move the two mics from one cabinet to another effortlessly – it’s as easy as moving one mic stand.

The R-121/dynamic mic method usually takes two stands, two clips, and time and effort to get the mics in the right place and properly phase-aligned. The new AxeMount holds an R-121 and 57-styled dynamic mic perfectly in one clip that positions the mics optimally and in-phase with each other.

The R-121/57 Sound

 Producer/Engineer Ross Hogarth and session guitarist Tim Pierce demonstrate blending a Royer Labs R-121 ribbon microphone with a 57 dynamic mic on electric guitar using a Divided by13 amplifier into a Marshall 4-12 cabinet.