Paul Cantelon

Piano – SF-12 Stereo Ribbon

Engineer/Producer: Russell Dawkins

1) “Preludes”

Piano: SF-12 on Steinway 9′ grand piano. The microphone is aimed at the center of the piano’s soundboard, 9 ft from the soundboard and 6.5 ft above stage.

Recording chain: One SF-12 into a True Systems Precision 8 preamplifier, recorded to a DA-38.

Recorded at Phillip T. Young Recital Hall in the School of Music, University of Victoria.

“Preludes” Theme fromThe Diving Bell & the Butterfly (Paul Cantelon)


2) “Point No Point”

One SF-12 over a grand piano, lid removed. No EQ, compression or effects.

Recorded at the University of Victoria, British Columbia.

“Point No Point” (Paul Cantelon)

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