Eliane Elias

Shaker – R-122

Vocals and percussion recorded by Bruce Swedien. Mixed by Bruce Swedien.
Vocals and shaker recorded at Westviking Studios, Ocala, FL.

Shaker: Two R-122’s in Blumlein position, shaker 12-inches from the mics.

Recording chain: R-122’s to Universal Audio 2-610 preamplifier. Hi pass filter set at 100Hz, 1 dB push at 5K and 1 dB at 10K. Recorded to Pro Tools.

“The Song Is You” (O.Hammerstein II, J.Kern)

Mark Holdaway

Kalimba – R-122V

Recorded and mixed by Tim Weed
Recorded at Banjambo Studio.

Recording chain: R-122V’s to Prism Orpheus preamps, A/D at 24/96 into Digital Performer 5.13. No EQ or compression.

Kalimba: Two R-122V’s used on four tracks of Kalimba. Positioned slightly off axis 6″ to 10″ from small Kalimbas. Two R-122V’s on Bass Kalimba, one at 6″ centered for proximity effect and one at 5′ directly above.

“Star Hop” (Mark Holdaway)




Pirates of the Caribbean Score

Drum Overhead – R-122V

Score recorded and mixed by Alan Meyerson
Recorded at Sony Scoring Stage, Culver City, CA.

Recording chain: R-122V’s to Grace 801 preamps. Recorded to Pro Tools HD using Digi 192 converters.

Isolated drum tracks excerpted from the Pirates of the Caribbean score. Three drummers (Vinnie Colaiuta, Abe Laboriel Jr. and JR Robinson) playing simultaneously with nothing but one R-122V over each kit and a kick drum mic on each kit.

Drummers: Vinnie Colaiuta, Abe Laboriel Jr., JR Robinson

a) Isolated drums: overhead and kick mics only.


b) Same track as “a,” with room mics added.



Anthony Marinelli

Strings – SF-24
Strings – R-122

Recorded, co-produced and mixed by Clint Bennett. Co-produced by Anthony Marinelli.
Recorded at Studio Smecky, Prague.

From the film The Human Contract

String Section: SF-24 (main mic) and two R-122’s (supporting mics) on strings.

Recording chain: All micas to Amek Media 51 console preamps, to Apogee conversion @ 48k. Recorded to Pro Tools HD.

“Julian & Rita” (Anthony Marinelli & The Graves Brothers)

Holly Brook (Skylar Grey)

Cello – R-122

Engineered and mixed by Ross Hogarth
Recorded at Stagg Street Studio, Van Nuys, CA.

Multiple cello tracks played by Cameron Stone, recorded with one R-122.

Recording chain: One R-122 into an API console pre. Recorded to Pro Tools HD. No compression or EQ.

“All Will Be Forgotten” (Holly Brook)

Paul Cantelon

Piano – SF-12 Stereo Ribbon

Engineer/Producer: Russell Dawkins

1) “Preludes”

Piano: SF-12 on Steinway 9′ grand piano. The microphone is aimed at the center of the piano’s soundboard, 9 ft from the soundboard and 6.5 ft above stage.

Recording chain: One SF-12 into a True Systems Precision 8 preamplifier, recorded to a DA-38.

Recorded at Phillip T. Young Recital Hall in the School of Music, University of Victoria.

“Preludes” Theme fromThe Diving Bell & the Butterfly (Paul Cantelon)


2) “Point No Point”

One SF-12 over a grand piano, lid removed. No EQ, compression or effects.

Recorded at the University of Victoria, British Columbia.

“Point No Point” (Paul Cantelon)

Jim Cox

Piano – SF-12 Stereo Ribbon

Engineer: Tommy Vicari
Recorded at Capitol Studios (B room), Los Angeles, CA

From The Majestic soundtrack.

Recording chain: One SF-12 through a Millennia preamp. EQ: 1 dB boost at 10K.

“Boogie Woogie Stomp” (Albert Ammons)

Richard Galliano

Accordion – SF-24
Piano – SF-24

Recorded and mixed by Charlie Paakkari. Produced and arranged by Richard Galliano.
Recorded at Capitol Studios, Studio B, Los Angeles, CA.

Recording chain: All mics into Neve 31102 preamps. No EQ or compression. Mic pre’s fed directly to Pro Tools at 88.2.

Accordion: One SF-24 and two Mojave Audio MA-100’s on accordion (mixed SF-24 70%, MA-100’s 30%).

Piano: One SF-24 and two U-67’s on piano (mixed 50-50).

The Musicians:
Accordion: Richard Galliano, Piano: Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Double Bass: Charlie Haden, Drums/Percussion: Mino Cinelu.
Recording & Business Affairs: Emmanuel Jolivet emmanuel.jolivet@free.fr

“Aurore” (Richard Galliano)

Poulenc Flute Sonata 1st Movement

Piano – SF-24
Flute – SF-24

Engineer: Tony Faulkner. Producer: Jeremy Hayes.
Recorded in Potton Hall, Westleton, Suffolk, England.

Recording chain: Recorded on a SADiE LRX system using SADiE LXR preamps.

Piano & Flute: SF-24 main microphone. Subsidiary microphones: Rode NT-6 omnidirectionals flanking the SF-24 on stereo bar. Spacing between Rodes, 66cms.

Flute: Guy Eshed
Piano: Tim Horton

“Poulenc Flute Sonata 1st Movement” (Francis Poulenc)

California Wind Orchestra

Wind Orchestra – R-121

Recording Engineer: John La Grou (Millennia Media)
Recorded at the Crest Theater, Sacramento, CA.

Wind Orchestra: Live recording using two R-121’s spaced 22 inches apart.

Recording chain: R-121’s to Millennia HV-3B preamp, to Apogee AD-1000 A/D converter. Recorded to Masterlink.

“Sight for Wind Orchestra” (Sampo Haapamaki)