25th Anniversary Limited-Edition

R-122 MKll Distressed Rose

The R-122 was the world’s first phantom-powered ribbon mic, delivering all of the warm, smooth performance of a world-class ribbon mic at a previously impossible sensitivity level. Its 2002 debut was explosive and the R-122 became our most popular mic behind the flagship R-121. In 2015 we updated the R-122 MKll with a high-pass filter and 15dB pad, making it our single most versatile ribbon microphone.

The R-122 MKll 25th Anniversary model celebrates the R-122’s legacy with a limited edition run of eighty R-122s crafted in our custom “Distressed Rose” finish. The Distressed Rose plating gives a variety of looks, from a dark bourbon color in lower studio lighting and onstage to a rich rose color in brighter light. The 25th Anniversary R-122 MKll is 100% original except for this once-in-a-lifetime 25th Anniversary finish.

The R-122 MKll is recommended for drum overheads and rooms, electric and acoustic guitars, brass, piano, violin, cello, ukulele, and any other acoustic stringed instrument, percussion, vocals, and countless other applications. When less low-end or proximity effect is desired, the high pass switch is perfectly balanced, set at 100 Hz and rolling off 6dB per octave.  On high SPL applications like electric guitars and brass, the 15dB pad lowers the R-122 MKll output to R-121 level, helping you maintain a clean signal path with no unwanted distortion.

Whether you plan to use it every day or keep it safe as a collectible, the R-121 Distressed Rose will be one of the most unique-looking, best-sounding mics you’ll ever own!