In-Line Signal Booster

The Royer dBooster is an extraordinary signal booster unlike any other inline lifter, with design and performance specs like the front end of a high-end preamplifier, and a sonic signature that will enable even the most familiar low output passive mics of all flavors to shine like never before.

dBooster delivers better than double your passive mic’s output; or, with the flick of a button, quadruple the output!

* True Class-A input stage
* Extreme RF protection
* Crystal clear gain with virtually no noise or self-distortion
* Enormous amount of headroom – will not break up!
* Low impedance output handles splitter cables and long cable runs beautifully

In 2002, Royer Labs made history with the world’s first active microphone. The R-122 ribbon mic is a phantom-powered version of the iconic R-121, but with condenser-like output levels.  This revolutionary concept has since been adopted by many audio manufacturers to bring a much-needed power boost to their low-output passive microphones.
Years later, stand-alone units placed inline between mics and preamps appeared, intended to increase the low output level of existing non-powered dynamic and ribbon mics. Most were based on decades-old repurposed technology. They can perform very differently, depending on the mic/preamp combo being boosted.
Assembled in the USA, the dBooster is simple to use but an audio tech’s dream. It has an internal regulated power supply for true electrical isolation, along with an elaborate actively balanced line driver and a top-notch dual op-amp combination that guarantees consistent gain and headroom regardless of the other components in the audio chain. Its low-impedance output keeps the audio path pristine for even the most demanding studio and podcasting applications. The dBooster is also invaluable on live stages, effortlessly driving long cable lengths and difficult loads like mic splitters and vintage-style preamps with zero loss of gain and no increased distortion.

dBooster – because sonic integrity is a beautiful thing.