Royer Owners

Thank you for purchasing your Royer Labs Microphone. Please take a moment to register your microphone and download your microphone manual. 

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R-1212.6 MB
R-10746 Kb
R-122 MKII  2.5 MB
R-122V6.8 MB
SF-22 MB
SF-121.7 MB
SF-242.9 MB
SF-24V7.4 MB
Live Series Microphones132 KB
dBooster How to manual3.3MB
Sling-Shock Microphone Shock Mount307 KB
R-101 Shock Mount Band Replacement228 KB
R-101 (discontinued)841 KB


R-121356 KB
R-10880 KB
R-122 MKII850 KB
R-122V408 KB
SF-21 MB
SF-12440 KB
SF-24444 KB
SF-24V199 KB
Sling-Shock 275 KB
R-101 (discontinued)381 KB