If your microphone needs service, please follow the instructions below carefully to be sure it isn’t damaged during shipping or held up at Royer Labs due to missing information.

Royer Repair instructions

1)  Fill out and submit the digital form below.

2) Carefully package your microphone(s) following our Packaging Instructions. Be sure to include your printed repair form email with your RA number (which you will receive once you submit your repair request). Boxes are often damaged during shipping, but proper packaging will help ensure your microphone arrives in the same condition you sent it in. Royer is not responsible for shipping-related damage due to improper packaging.

3) For SF-12 and SF-24 repairs, please include the stereo cable set for evaluation. For R-122V and SF-24V repairs, please include all cables and power supplies for evaluation.

All shipping expenses to and from the factory are the responsibility of the owner. 


You can find your microphone’s warranty terms here


Royer’s repair/exchange policy is exceptional and we work closely with Royer owners to repair gear under warranty coverage. There are Royer-authorized repair facilities located around the world.

If a Royer product arrives for repair that has been opened or tampered with, or if it has been worked on by a non-authorized service technician, the warranty is void and repair and shipping charges to and from Royer will not be covered by Royer. We will inform you of this ahead of the repair.

International Repair Facilities
Please contact the repair facility in your area. 

Australia: Mick Wordley sales@mixmasters.com.au

Canada: mark@hhbcanada.com

Europe: Mario Hasken mh@sea-vertrieb.de

Japan: Toshio Sato t_sato@miyaji.co.jp

If we don’t have a repair facility close to you, please send your microphone back to the original factory. 

Royer Repair Submission Form (Domestic and international)

Please note that a copy of your sales receipt will be requested for warranty service.

Once we receive your submission you will receive and email with a Return Authorization number. Make sure to include that with your microphone for prompt repair service. Do not ship your microphone before you’ve received your RA number.

Ship to:
Royer Labs
Attn: Repair Department
2711 W. Empire Ave.
Burbank, CA 91504

Packing Instructions
Your microphones are precision instruments and must be carefully packed whenever they are shipped. Even microphones in need of repair or service must be packed sufficiently. Proper evaluation by the service department is only possible if no further damage occurs during shipping.

The microphone should be sent in its original wooden presentation case. If you have the flannel mic sock or the plastic bag, include that as well.

If you’ve kept your original cardboard box and foam ends that the mic came in, place the wooden presentation case in this box and seal it. If you have discarded these items, wrap the wooden presentation case with some bubble wrap.

Place this package in the center of a larger box with plenty of packing material (peanuts, popcorn, shredded paper, etc.) around the packed mic.

Be sure to include the Royer repair form email and RA# (which you will receive once you submit your repair request) with the microphone (and proof of purchase if this is a free warranty repair).

Finally, it is advisable to write “FRAGILE” on several sides of the box. Do not assume that the carrier will be gentle with your package.

Re-Ribbon Prices

(prices are subject to change without notice)

R-10/R-10HR – $135.00
R-101 – $135
R-121 – $150.00
R-121 Live – $150.00
R-122 – $170.00
R-122 Live – $170.00
R-122 MKll – $170.00
R-122 MKll Live – $170.00
R-122V – $170.00
SF-1 – $175.00
SF-2 – $175.00
SF-12 – $295.00
SF-24 – $295.00
SF-24V – $295.00
Allow 10-15 business days for repairs.
Rush Charge R-Series mics (3 days) $50.00
Rush Charge SF-Series mics (4 days) $50.00