Congratulations on owning your new Royer product and welcome to the family of Royer owners and users!

To receive our full, industry-best warranty coverage, please take a moment now to register your microphone(s). Along with protecting the microphone, registering now extends your first-re-ribbon-free within the first year of ownership to a first re-ribbon free with the first FIVE years of ownership.

We highly recommend that before using your microphone, you download and read through the manual (see manuals below) for user tips and notes on how to get the best from your exceptional new mic.



All Royer products come with a comprehensive warranty. All Royer microphones come with the first re-ribbon free to original owner within first year of purchase. To get a five year warranty extension on your ribbon element (first re-ribbon free within 5 years of purchase) make sure to register your microphone within the first year of purchase.

Read Your Microphone Warranty  Register Your Microphone


Manuals and cutsheets

R-1212.6 MB
R-10746 Kb
R-122 MKII  2.5 MB
R-122V6.8 MB
SF-22 MB
SF-121.7 MB
SF-242.9 MB
SF-24V7.4 MB
Live Series Microphones132 KB
dBooster How to manual3.3MB
Sling-Shock Microphone Shock Mount307 KB
R-101 Shock Mount Band Replacement228 KB
Axemount Dual Microphone Holder1.6 MB
R-101 (discontinued)841 KB
R-122(discontinued)2.3 MB


R-121356 KB
R-10880 KB
R-122 MKII850 KB
R-122V408 KB
SF-21 MB
SF-12440 KB
SF-24444 KB
SF-24V199 KB
Sling-Shock 275 KB
R-101 (discontinued)381 KB


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