Sling-Shock Shockmounts

Royer Sling-Shock shockmounts are exceptionally effective at reducing rumble, vibrations and resonances in the studio, concert halls and on live stages. Sling-Shocks have no elastic bands, rubber bungee cords, synthetic bushings or other parts that commonly fail in traditional shocks. Built to Royer standards, Sling-Shocks are so reliable we give them a lifetime warranty. (more)

PS-101 Pop Filter

Finally, a pop filter that doesn't filter your sound along with the pops. Look through a Royer PS-101 pop filter and you will see the mic clearly. The secret is the special louvered metal that deflects wind downwards while letting sound go directly through (see the PS-101 Close Up). More

Cable Sets and Extension Cables

Our stereo SF-12 and SF-24 microphones come with 2-part cable sets. The first part of the set is a 5-conductor extension cable (18 ft for the SF-12 and 25 ft for the SF-24) that connects to the microphone on one end and to the splitter cable on the other end. The second part of the set is the splitter cable that separates into two 3-conductor cables labeled Upper and Lower (for the upper and lower ribbon elements) which terminate into 3-pin XLR connectors. More

If your cable set (or either part of it) is ever lost, replacement parts are available

AxeMount Dual Microphone Clip

The R-121/57-styled dynamic mic combo is legendary for capturing electric guitars. (Samples and photos of R-121s blended with 57s.) With the AxeMount, using these two classic mics has never been easier, faster to set up, or more stable once they’re set up. You can also move the two mics from one cabinet to another effortlessly – it’s as easy as moving one mic stand. (more)