Hand-Building Award-Winning Ribbon Microphones Since 1998

In 1998 Royer Ribbons hit like an explosion, with tough, compact, even road-worthy ribbon microphones – unheard of! The early years were a marathon, leading to a Technical Grammy Award and satisfied engineers/producers firing up ribbon mics in all corners of the world.

Get your hands on a piece of recording history with these limited-edition 25th Anniversary Royer ribbons. They perform identically to our standard models and will last a lifetime. And what a look!

25th Anniversary SF-Series Custom Finishes and Colors!

Filling out our 25th Anniversary offerings, Royer’s production staff has been in full creative mode and we now have a limited-edition run of SF-12s, SF-24s and SF-24Vs in two custom finishes; Black Eclipse and Distressed Rose. The Black Eclipse finish comes with your choice of screen color (red, orange, yellow, green, black or blue). Seven SF-12s have also been built in 2-Tone, with a black base, nickel center chamber and black upper chamber.

25th Anniversary Limited-Edition R-122V Distressed Rose Tube Ribbon Microphone

The R-122V vacuum tube ribbon microphone is the pinnacle of Royer’s multi-award-winning R-series ribbon mic lineup. R-122Vs can be used wherever you would use an R-121 or R-122 MKll, but with increased depth and vibe from the unique tube circuitry hung directly off the ribbon element.

Used by demanding engineers on everything from electric guitars (Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton) to woodwinds, Decca tree, strings, and more (Alan Meyerson, Hans Zimmer), the R-122V is an extraordinarily natural sounding and nuanced microphone, while at the same time capable of handling crushing sound pressure levels from close mic’d high wattage guitar amps.

We are plating only 24 R-122Vs in our unique 25th Anniversary “Distressed Rose” finish, which gives a variety of looks, from a dark bourbon color in lower studio lighting to a rich rose color in brighter light. This unique R-122V will not be available again after our 25th Anniversary celebration concludes.

See https://royerlabs.com/r-122v/ for more information on the R-122V.

SF-12 25th Anniversary Stereo Ribbon Microphone, Distressed Rose or Black & Nickel Finish

The SF-12 stereo ribbon microphone combines extraordinary natural sound pickup with Blumlein stereo imaging for close-your-eyes-and-you-are-there recordings. The SF-12 is widely used for drum overheads, drum rooms, acoustic instruments, string sections, ensembles, full orchestra performances, choirs, and many other applications. The SF-12 comes complete with a Royer Sling-Shock shock mount, wooden jeweler’s box, 18-ft stereo cable, and a splitter cable that terminates to left and right XLR connectors.

The SF-12 25th Anniversary model comes in two distinct finish options: 1) a 2-tone model with a black base, nickel center, and black top, and 2) our 25th Anniversary “Distressed Rose” finish, which gives a variety of looks from a dark bourbon color in lower studio lighting and onstage to a rich rose color in brighter light. There will be 8 SF-12s finished in 2-tone and 10 SF-12s finished in Distressed Rose. These microphones will not be available again after our 25th Anniversary celebration concludes. Get one while you can!

For more information on the SF-12, see https://royerlabs.com/sf-12-3/

25th Anniversary Limited-Edition R-122 MKII Distressed Rose Active Ribbon Microphone

The R-122 was the world’s first phantom-powered ribbon mic, delivering all of the warm, smooth performance of a world-class ribbon mic at a previously impossible sensitivity level. Its 2002 debut was explosive and the R-122 became our most popular mic behind the flagship R-121. In 2015 we updated the R-122 MKll with a high-pass filter and 15dB pad, making it our single most versatile ribbon microphone.

The R-122 MKll 25th Anniversary model celebrates the R-122’s legacy with a limited edition run of eighty R-122s crafted in our custom “Distressed Rose” finish. The Distressed Rose plating gives a variety of looks, from a dark bourbon color in lower studio lighting and onstage to a rich rose color in brighter light. The 25th Anniversary R-122 MKll is 100% original except for this once-in-a-lifetime 25th Anniversary finish.

The R-122 MKll is recommended for drum overheads and rooms, electric and acoustic guitars, brass, piano, violin, cello, ukulele, and any other acoustic stringed instrument, percussion, vocals, and countless other applications. When less low-end or proximity effect is desired, the high pass switch is perfectly balanced, set at 100 Hz and rolling off 6dB per octave.  On high SPL applications like electric guitars and brass, the 15dB pad lowers the R-122 MKll output to R-121 level, helping you maintain a clean signal path with no unwanted distortion.

Whether you plan to use it every day or keep it safe as a collectible, the R-121 Distressed Rose will be one of the most unique-looking, best-sounding mics you’ll ever own!

25th Anniversary Limited-Edition R-121 Distressed Rose Ribbon Microphone

Yes, the R-121 is 25 years old this year! The R-121 25th Anniversary model celebrates the R-121’s legacy with a unique, limited edition “Distressed Rose” finish that gives a variety of looks, from a dark bourbon color in lower studio lighting and onstage to a rich rose color in brighter light. We would not, could not modify the classic R-121’s design and function, but this stunning finish is our way of letting everyone in on the 25th Anniversary party! There will be 500 R-121 Distressed Roses made, no more.

Released in 1998, the R-121 was the first radically different modern ribbon microphone, singlehandedly creating the great ribbon microphone resurgence that is still growing and going strong today. The R-121 is a staple on electric guitars around the world and is also one of the finest brass mics available, along with drum rooms, kick drums, piano, snare drum, acoustic guitar, violin, all percussion, harp, cello… the list goes on and on. When you want to record an instrument as naturally as possible, you reach for an R-121.

Whether you plan to use it every day or keep it safe as a collectible, the R-121 Distressed Rose will be one of the coolest-looking, best-sounding mics you’ll ever own.


25th Anniversary Limited-Edition R-10 Hot Rod  Ribbon Microphone

The R-10 “Hot Rod” 25th Anniversary limited-edition ribbon mic is our popular R-10 on steroids! The R-10 Hot Rod is fitted with a custom Anniversary Edition transformer that gives this microphone 5dB more output than the standard R-10, with a punchier feel and increased low-midrange focus. The R-10 Hot Rod also sports a 25th Anniversary black-accented trim package that looks as cool as this mic sounds.

Like our original R-10, the R-10 Hot Rod handles extremely high SPLs (160dB @ 1kHz), has an internally shock-mounted ribbon transducer & 3-layer windscreen system that combine to give the ribbon element excellent protection (making it our best choice for live work), features lowered proximity effect that makes it an excellent for close miking instruments and singers, and carries a 5-year warranty with the first re-ribbon free. Like all Royer microphones, the R-10 Hot Rod is hand-built in Royer’s Burbank, CA facility.

The R-10 Hot Rod’s compact size and mounting system allow for flexible, unobtrusive positioning. Its 2.5-micron aluminum ribbon element is formed with our patented direct-corrugation process and the ribbon transducer is wired for humbucking to reject electromagnetically induced noise.

The R-10 Hot Rod’s built-in windscreen provides superior protection from air blasts and plosives. It also reduces proximity effect (bass buildup from close miking) so guitar cabinets and acoustic instruments can be close-miked with less bass buildup. The R-10 Hot Rod’s internally shock-mounted ribbon transducer isolates the ribbon element from shocks and vibrations, increasing the ribbon element’s durability.

The mic’s open grill design minimizes standing waves and associated comb-filtering effects and its smooth frequency response, phase linearity and lack of self-distortion make it ideal for all digital recording and live sound formats.