Are the ribbons field replaceable?

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If your ribbon ever needs replacing, it should only be done at our factory by a skilled technician. Re-ribboning is both an art and a science, requiring use of our proprietary ribboning and test gear. It also gives our technicians a chance to evaluate the other components in your microphone. Did this answer your question?Yes

What if my Royer mic needs repair?

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Check out the Repair & Service section on our web site for detailed shipping instructions and an RA (Return Authorization) form. You can also contact us at or call us at (818) 847-0121. After being issued a Return Authorization number and packaging your mic well, you will ship it to: Royer Labs 2711 Empire Ave. Burbank, CA 91504

How can I tell if my ribbon is blown?

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It’s obvious when a ribbon is “blown”, the mic will suddenly lack highs and lows, and its level will drop substantially (6 to 8 dB). You may also hear mechanical rattling sounds, which comes from the ribbon element scraping against other parts in the ribbon transducer. There’s usually no doubt when a ribbon is blown