Are ribbon mics recommended for live use?

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Yes! Most ribbon mics are too fragile or large to take on the road, but our R-series mics are being used extensively on live stages. Their lack of harshness and tight polar patterns have helped many FOH engineers get better sounds and a better handle on mic leakage.

Royers will travel well as long as they’re kept in their wooden jewel boxes in-between gigs. For outdoor recording or any place where your Royers will be exposed to wind (including air conditioning vents, breezy doors, etc.), be sure to use a suitable pop filter such as a Beyer Dynamic WS-58, or equivalent, for your mic (they’ll stop even high winds from reaching your microphone, with negligible attenuation).

A few bands using Royers for live work…

  • Aerosmith (six R-121’s on Joe Perry’s three stereo guitar rigs)
  • Matchbox Twenty
  • Keith Urban
  • Harry Connick Jr. (four R-122’s on the brass section)
  • Wayne Shorter (R-121 on Wayne’s saxophone, R-122’s on drum overheads and kick drum – see pictures)
  • Thursday (R-121’s on guitar cabs)
  • Whitesnake (R-121’s on guitar cabs)
  • Tom Petty (R-121’s on guitar cabs)
  • Phil Lesh (R-121’s on guitar cabs)

For more on using ribbons live visit Ribbons On Stage.