Can I use R-121 or R-122 MKII on drums?

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Yes R-121's and R-122's are great on drums. The R-121 is highly recommended for kick, toms, room mics, high-hat and ride cymbals. It's good for snare as well, but care must be taken to place it where it won't be hit. For kick use, angle the mic at approximately 45 degrees. Depending on placement, a PS-101 windscreen may be required. The R-122 is a killer overhead mic. Try a spaced pair. It's also excellent for rooms. Here's a hint from David Bianco: Place an R-121 on the beater side of the kick. Aim the mic toward the beater, with the backside of the mic pointed toward the bottom of the snare drum. Flip phase at your mic pre to match the main kick and snare mics and compress to taste. Print this on a separate track and use to liven up the drums in the mix.

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