Which Royer mic would you recommend for recording vocals?

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While most engineers automatically reach for a condenser mic for recording vocals, you can get excellent results from using the right ribbon microphone. Many of the great classic vocal performances were captured on ribbons. Ribbons are great for sibilance problems, singers with a harsh tone, or any time you want a little more color and warmth in a vocal. Ribbons take EQ extremely well and can be shaped to approximate the frequency response of a condenser mic. Even with intense EQ'ing, good ribbons will not be harsh or sibilant. Two great examples of vocals on a highly EQ'ed ribbon are "Kiss Me" and "There She Goes Again" by Sixpence None the Richer, recorded by Russ Long on a Coles 4038. The mic sounds like an extremely smooth condenser microphone. Royer R-series mics have an offset ribbon design that creates a tonal difference between the front and the back of the mic (see Recording on the Back Side). At close distances the back side is brighter than the front. Most engineers we hear from prefer the back side for vocals. The active R-122 MKII is a good match for vocals due to its higher output level and slightly brighter response. The SF12 and SF-24 are especially useful for recording vocal groups in stereo.

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