Important Notice Regarding Shock Mounts Effective January 2014 

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In our never ending quest to provide the best possible products and accessories to our customers, Royer Labs has completely reimagined the ubiquitous shock mount. With the introduction of the patented Sling-Shock, Royer Labs eliminated traditional forms of shock mount isolation techniques that utilize rubber components. We feel this approach is far superior to designs that are prone to failure due to deterioration of rubber and elastic materials.

We are therefore discontinuing several products that have been in our lineup for many years. The AT-84, which is manufactured by Audio Technica as the AT-8410A, the Royer made RSM-1 and RSM-24 will be completely phased out by July of 2014. We will continue to support the RSM-1 and RSM-24 by offering repair and replacement parts for these items for at least one year and then until parts run out. The AT-84 will no longer be supported and repairs should be directed to the manufacturer. For those customers that wish to use the AT-84 for their Royer microphones, it will still be available through dealers that carry Audio Technica products. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.